Smoke, Heat, Co Alarms & Accessories

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Smoke, Heat, Co Alarms & Accessories 

  • P-EIB144


  • P-EIB166E


  • P-EIB164E


    The Brooks Heat Alarm has the following features:Remote Test + Control – Wired & Wireless Integrated Piezoelectric sounder Easi-fit™ base...

  • PFKSA-240-9VDC




  • P-EIB413RF


  • P-EIB603TYC


    The Brooks Heat Alarm has the following features: Practically eliminates nuisance alarms Suitable for Kitchens and areas where smoke...

  • P-EIB450


    The Brooks Wall Mount Test/Locate/Silence/Memory Control has the following features: Designed for use with Brooks RadioLINK™ enabled...

  • P-EIB100MRF


    The Brooks Wireless Interconnection Module has the following features:RF upgrade for mains powered "160e" series alarms Simple plug in modular...