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The VESDA VFT-15 by Xtralis is a unique and versatile high-sensitivity aspirating smoke detector able to pinpoint the source of incipient smoke to speed response, enhance investigation and minimize business disruption and downtime where location is critical and a visual search is impossible to perform quickly. VESDA VFT is the only aspirating smoke detector on today’s market to provide identification of up to 15 protected areas.

The VESDA VFT is ideal for protecting several rooms or separate areas within a building, such as those within:

  • Clean rooms - small, adjacent clean rooms
  • Computer rooms - equipment cabinets
  • Control rooms - equipment cabinets
  • Elevators - hoistways, control rooms and lobbies
  • Historical buildings - separate rooms and object protection
  • Hospitals - separate operating theatres or laboratories
  • Hotels - guest rooms
  • Laboratories - separate fume hoods or rooms
  • Museums/art galleries - small display rooms
  • Offices - multiple offices
  • Prisons and correctional institutions
  • Telecommunication facilities - equipment cabinets
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  • P-VFT-15


    VESDA VFT-15 detectors are multi-channel microbore air-sampling systems with an alarm sensitivity range from 0.001% to 20% obscuration/m (0.0003%...

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