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Electrical Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

During a fire condition, sprinkler system reliability is critical, whether its operation of a sprinkler head or the monitoring of the sprinkler system itself.
System Sensors line of waterflow detectors, pressure switches and supervisory switches provide that reliability when monitoring waterflow, system pressure and valve position within a fire sprinkler system.

Supervisory Switches
The Supervisory switches models OSY2, PIBV2, and PSP1 provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your system’s control valves are being monitored.

WFD/WFDN Series Waterflow Detector
Waterflow detectors are available in a variety of configurations and accommodate 25mm/1” through to 93Cmm/8” pipe. The WFDN series detectors provide a mechanical time delay to help prevent false alarms due to water pressure surges or air trapped in the system.

EPS Series Pressure Switch
Pressure switches include the EPS10 series for use in wet, dry, deluge and pre-action automatic sprinkler systems to indicate a discharge from a sprinkler. The EPS40 and EPS120 series supervisory pressure switches are intended for dry pipe systems or pressure tanks and water supplies of automatic water control valves.

To complement our line of fire sprinkler monitoring products, we offer a full line of Explosion- Proof devices intended for use in hazardous locations where volatile vapours or particulates may be present. Our Explosion-Proof product offering includes 2” through 8” waterflow detectors; EPS10, EPS40, and EPS120 pressure switches; and OSY2 and PIBV2 supervisory switches.

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