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Galvanised & Painted Couplings

All fittings and couplings are produced from ductile iron conforming to ISO 1083 Gr.400-15 or ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12. Track bolts conform to ISO 898-1 class 8.8 or ASTM A183 Gr. B or higher and are heat treated and zinc plated. Gaskets are supplied in high grade “E” EPDM which are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of ASTM D2000 and AWWA C606.

A painted rigid coupling is available for fire protection applications. The tongue and groove design and built-in gripping teeth provide a secure and rigid joint that eliminates undesired flex.

A painted flexible coupling is also available fire protection applications. The flexible coupling allows for controlled flexibility and can help to protect a system from expansion, contraction, deflection and seismic events.

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