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    Standard Response Sprinklers

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    Models F1 Standard Response Series Sprinklers

    The F156, F142, F1XLH & F128 Series Glass Bulb Sprinkler combines the durability of a standard sprinkler with the attractive low profile of a decorative sprinkler. Whether installed on exposed piping or in an office ceiling, it is functional and attractive. 
    Beautifully versatile is the description for the Reliable Models F1 Series Recessed glass bulb sprinklers. Recessing the F1 Series enhances its already low profile decorative 
    appearance, and facilitates a rapid and perfect installation.
    The recessed escutcheon of the Models are highly adjustable. The two piece construction makes field installation a very easy and rapid task. This also allows ceiling panels to later be removed without shutting down the fire protection system, thus facilitating maintenance of above ceiling services.

    The F1 Series Automatic Sprinkler utilizes a 5.0 mm frangible glass bulb. The glass bulb consists of an accurately controlled amount of special fluid hermetically sealed inside a precisely manufactured glass capsule. This glass bulb is specially constructed to provide fast thermal response.
    At normal temperatures, the glass bulb contains the fluid in both the liquid phase and in the vapor phase. The vapor phase can be seen as a small bubble. As heat is applied, the liquid expands forcing the bubble smaller and smaller as the liquid pressure increases. Continued heating forces the liquid to push out against the bulb, causing the glass to shatter, opening the waterway and allowing the deflector to distribute the discharging water.
    The F1 Series Sprinkler temperature rating is identified by the color of the glass bulb capsule as well as frame color where applicable.

    • VAA151132R9


    • VAC151132R9


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    • VA215213299