Residential Sprinklers

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Residential Sprinklers - F1 (Fast Response)

Model F1 Res Pendent sprinklers are fast response sprinklers combining excellent durability, high sensitivity glass bulb and low profile decorative design. The F1 Res Horizontal Sidewall sprinklers are equally attractive when above ceiling piping cannot be used. 
The 3mm glass-bulb pendent sprinklers permit the efficient use of residential water supplies for sprinkler coverage in residential fire protection design. The low flow F1 Res sprinklers are specially engineered for fast thermal response to meet the sensitive fire protection application needs of the latest residential market standards Upon fire conditions, rising heat causes a sprinkler’s heat sensitive element, glass bulb or link to actuate, releasing the waterway for water flow onto the deflector, evenly distributing the discharged water to control a fire.

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    Model RFC Series residential sprinklers are flat cover plate, concealed pendent sprinklers.