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    Decorative Sprinklers

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    Decorative Sprinklers - G5

    Model G5 series sprinklers are standard coverage, flat plate concealed sprinklers designed for installation in accordance with NFPA 13 and FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets. The sprinklers are offered with a standard Model G5 cover plate (solid or perforated), a Model G5 cover plate with a Quick-response (QR) gasket, or a Model G5 cover plate with a Standard-response (SR) gasket.  Model G5 sprinklers must only be used with the Model G5 cover plate listed or approved with the sprinkler. All Model G5 series sprinklers use a fusible-link operating element. Table A provides a summary of available Model G5 series sprinklers, along with Listing and Approval information for each sprinkler and cover plate combination.

    • V1916172899


    • V1916173299


    • V1916173498


    • V2116173299