Guards & Wrenches

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Guards & Wrenches

FlameStop stocks model C Sprinkler Guards. These are designed to be assembled onto installed sprinklers. The design consists of heavy gauge wire welded to steel mounting plates and finished with zinc plating. The Guards protect automatic sprinklers in positions where they may be subject to physical damage. Model C guards are all certified by FM Approvals, while Model C-3 also has a cULus Listing.

  • Model C-1 guards are used with pendent, upright, horizontal sidewall and vertical sidewall sprinklers.
  • Model C-3 guards have a water shield attached. When assembled to an upright sprinkler, the combination is for upright intermediate sprinkler applications.
  • Model C-5 guards are supplied with a water shield and O-Ring which are assembled to the sprinkler before the sprinkler is installed. The guard is then installed to the sprinkler after it is installed in the fitting.
  • V6880050100


  • V6880060000


  • V6880100000


  • V6880130000


  • V6880170020


  • V6802501400


  • V6802251400


  • V6802611412


  • V6880070001


  • V6880070100


  • V6880070101


  • V6880090000


  • V6880101010


  • V6880160000


  • V6880160010


  • V6880170000


  • V6880170030


  • V6880170032