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Fixed CO2 Nozzles, Have You Experienced the Benefits?

Posted on: Nov 22, 2018 | Author: Yannick Lin | Categories: Product News
Fixed CO2 Nozzles, Have You Experienced the Benefits?

Fixed CO2 Nozzles

FlameStop manufactures its own range of Australian Standards approved CO2 Extinguishers. Our CO2 extinguisher range is approved to AS/NZS 1841.6 and have some of the highest ratings in the industry.

FlameStop’s CO2 Nozzle has numerous benefits:

  • Easier for operator to use
  • Easier and safer to transport, no more tangled hoses
  • Easier for operator to carry
  • Compact, easier to mount on wall
  • Less OH&S trip hazard for technicians
  • Space saving benefits

Below is an example of space saving and transport advantages when using CO2 nozzle extinguishers:

hose extinguisher
nozzle extinguisher

FlameStop’s CO2 Nozzle Portable Extinguishers are available in 3.5kg and 5kg cylinders.

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