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One of the key elements in the performance of a VESDA aspirating smoke detection system is the network of sampling pipes that actively transport air from a protected area to the detector. This is why FlameStop offers a range of Aspirating Pipe and Fittings to simplify pipe selection and ensure that a quality system is installed every time.


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  • P-E700-CSC


  • P-E700-CT


  • P-E700-EC


  • P-E700-HASP


  • P-E700-LB


  • P-E700-T


  • P-E700-PC


  • P-E700-PJ


    Straight coupling for VESDA pipework

  • P-E700-SP-DCL


  • P-E700-SP


  • P-E700-SPLR


    Sticker label for VESDA remote sampling point

  • P-E700-SB


  • P-E700-SRB


  • P-E700-TA




  • PV-JP


    This product is now obsolete – no alternative availableRequires glue Suits 25mm pipe

  • PV-P4M


    Red trace with wording - "FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM - DO NOT PAINT"

  • P-VSP-877


    The Flush Mount Sampling Point (patent pending) provides a functionally and aesthetically improved alternative to the conical sampling point used...

  • P-VSP-620-02


  • P-VSP-610


Showing 1 - 20 of 45 items