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These products have been replaced by Sensepoint XCL Gas Detection for VESDA Pipe - Large Bore

Invisible hazards can originate from the release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency, or the presence of combustible gases/vapors. As with fire detection, proactive gas detection enables countermeasures to be taken to protect personnel and property from such unseen dangers.
VESDA ECO combines aspirating smoke detection with gas detection and environmental monitoring. It uses an existing VESDA pipe network to actively sample air for the presence of smoke as well as hazardous/combustible gases. Integration with other building systems (FACP, PLC, HVAC and BMS) delivers real-time situational awareness and intelligent emergency response, including the activation of demand controlled ventilation to save energy and control costs.


  • Leverages existing VESDA pipe networks to cost effectively detect both smoke and gas in addition to providing environmental monitoring
  • Provides detection for multiple gases through simple expansion without major construction or retrofitting
  • Toxic, Oxygen or Flammable gas detection
  • Single or dual gas versions
  • Integral alarm status LED’s
  • Reduces energy consumption and costs through demand-controlled ventilation
  • Conditions air to remove dirt, particulates, moisture, poisonous agents, and cross-interference gases
  • Works in harsh environments
  • Provides non-intrusive detection for aesthetics or to prevent vandalism
  • Enables centralized monitoring and communication with building systems for real-time awareness
  • Integrates easily with FACP/PLC/HVAC/BMS

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  • PMECP-QE90


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