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  • AS7240.24 Approved Speakers


    FlameStop offers a variety of speakers Approved to AS7240.24. This is a mandatory standard which regulates loudspeakers for Occupant Warning Systems getting installed to meet the requirements of AS1670.1-2015. Loudspeakers play a vital role in a life safety sound system to convey emergency evacuation instructions to the public.

    The AS7240.24 product standard for loudspeakers ensures the speaker circuit integrity will be maintained in the event of a fire, and that intelligibility of the loudspeakers meets the required standard. Additionally, all AS7240.24 speakers must have a thermal fuse and ceramic terminal block and products are rigorously tested by a third party before being certified.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact your local FlameStop distribution centre to discuss your requirements. 

  • Flush Mount Speakers

    Theses speakers install in seconds. They simply snap fit to any 10-13mm thickness ceiling by means of the integral pressure clips. The labour cost savings for the installer are both obvious and substantial They are fitted with a 4 way terminal block and 22 μF BP capacitor and transformer cover to comply with AS2220.1 Fire/Evacuation standards.

  • Surface Mount Speakers

    This range of speakers is moulded from industrial grade, talc-filled polypropylene and designed to mount directly to the underside of concrete slabs or inaccessible ceilings. The housing is surface mounted with concealed internal fixings. Speaker cable entry can be either from the rear, or via surface mounted conduit (four 19mm conduit knockouts are provided). An excellent choice for use in plant rooms, warehouses, shopping centres, malls etc. Each speaker is fitted with a 100V line transformer tapped at 0.33, 0.66, 1.25, 2.5 and 5W. They also include a 4 way wire protected terminal strip and a 22μF bipolar capacitor for line monitoring applications in OWS & EWIS systems.

  • Horn Speakers

    All of the below horn speakers have been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of AS1670.4. Their high efficiency and high SPL output provides excellent speech reproduction and sound distribution for both general PA and emergency evacuation use.


    Mounting Bracket for Horn SpeakersHorn Speaker Security Cage - BlackHorn Speaker Security Cage - BlackHole saw 140mm + Arbor

  • Ceiling Ball Speakers

    The spherical speaker enclosure and parabolic shaped reflector combine to create an omni-directional loud speaker, allowing 360° horizontal sound dispersion. With an attractive appearance, these loudspeakers are invaluable where it is impractical to install traditional ceiling type speakers. Ideal for gymnasiums, train stations, airports, factories, markets, shopping centres etc. The high efficiency drivers are excellent for high ambient noise locations and offer extremely articulate reproduction suitable for both background music and paging applications.

  • Pendant Ball Speakers

    Designed for use where traditional ceiling mounted speakers are impractical to install. Used in such areas as very high raked, suspended, concrete or exposed ceilings.

  • Sound Columns

    These stylish, compact column speakers utilise multiple 3.5” (89mm) woofers and high power dome tweeters to produce superb clarity for both music and speech applications. Ideally suited for use in lecture theatres, auditoriums, gymnasiums and school assembly areas. Their IP66 weatherproof construction makes them also suitable for installations in exposed areas, such as train platforms & pedestrian precincts. These sound column speakers will provide excellent all-round performance while remaining architecturally unobtrusive.

  • Sound Projectors

    These sound projectors possess a wide dynamic range and facilitate use with both paging and background music applications. Ideally used in sports stadiums, train station platforms, shopping centres & aquatic arenas.

  • Speaker Accessories & Cages
  • Vandal Resistant Speakers

    Both model speakers are designed to withstand the physical abuse of vandals. They both have a high strength steel grill and are stylish in appearance. Accessing the speaker requires the use of a torx bit tool, minimising unauthorised tampering or theft. Ideally suited for use in prisons, train stations, bus stations, pedestrian malls, etc.

  • Speaker Grills
  • Megaphone
  • Speaker Testing Equipment
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    Push-in Cpas Consealing Fixing Screws included ! Package Contains 2 x Spare cutter blades1 x Transparent Cowl1 x Combination 7mm Drill / Arbor1 x...





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