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Please Note: Currently the Water and Mechanical product range is only available in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra. Other states will follow in the coming months. We will notify you when this new product range is available at your local FlameStop branch.


  • Flow Switches

    VSR Flow Switch Series

    Vane Type Waterflow Alarm Switch With Retard

    The Model VSR is a vane type waterflow switch with non-corrosive insert for use on wet sprinkler systems. It is UL Listed and FM Approved for use on steel pipe; schedules 10 through 40, sizes 2" through to 8" (50 mm through to 200 mm) and schedule 5, sizes 2" through to 6". LPC approved sizes are 2" through to 8" (50 mm through to 200 mm). See Ordering Information chart.

    The VSR may also be used as a sectional waterflow detector on large systems. The VSR contains two single pole, double throw, snap action switches and an adjustable, instantly recycling pneumatic retard. The switches are actuated when a flow of 10 GPM (38 LPM) or more occurs downstream of the device. The flow condition must exist for a period of time necessary to overcome the selected retard period.

  • Pressure Switches
  • Supervisory Switches
  • Amtron Class A

    The Amtron Valve Monitoring Device (VMD) operates on magnetic proximity sensing technology. This proven and tried technology ensures superior reliability and repeatability in operational conditions. In practice the Amtron VMD is aligned with a (supplied magnet embedded in the spindle or indicator of a valve (depending on the type) by means of a suitable rigid bracket. The VMD produces an alarm when the valve begins to close - when the magnet moves out of alignment with the VMD within fifteen per cent of spindle travel.