Fire Extinguisher Servicing Tools & Consumables

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Servicing Consumables

FlameStop stocks a wide variety of service consumables to meet your every servicing need. From maintenance tags and punches to hardware items such as drill bits, bolts and silicone, FlameStop offers a wide range.


  • Maintenance Tags & Rings
  • Service Tools & Hose Clips

    Service Tools & Hose Clips

    Two types of the maintenance punch are available: standard and thick bodied (Mark2). A digital extinguisher scale is also available for extinguishers up to 50kg.

  • Security Ties

    Security Ties

    FlameStop stocks a wide variety of security ties. This includes a wide selection of colours ranging from Blue to Pink.

  • Wall Brackets

    Wall Brackets

    FlameStop stocks a wide variety of extinguisher wall brackets. These include:

    • Small Galvanised
    • Small Slotted Galvanised
    • Medium Galvanised
    • Medium Slotted Galvanised
    • Large Galvanised
    • Large Slotted Galvanised
    • Stainless Steel Wall Brackets
    • Wall Bracket ‘J’ Style
    • Wall Bracket Small
    • Wall Bracket Medium
  • Pull Pins
  • Bulk Concentrates

    Bulk Concentrates

    FlameStop’s Fluorine Free Foam is the go to product for Class B fires where a foam based solution is used. Unlike traditional foams, FlameStop’s Eco Foam-F3 is free from the highly persistent organic pollutants PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), while maintaining a strong level of firefighting ability.

    Purple K is a high performance dry chemical powder and the preferred choice of gas, oil and chemical industries. It is one of the most effective dry chemical powders in fighting Class B fires.

    Orchidex AFFF 3% UL is a top performance synthetic firefighting foam concentrate designed for use on non-polar, hydrocarbon hazards. It provides excellent control and extinguishments of Class B fires by spreading a vapour sealing film over the liquid fuel. It provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities when used on Class A fires.

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  • WDT


    For servicing of fire equipment in accordance with AS1851





  • WDTS


    This self adhesive maintenance service tag is a requirement of AS1851:2012 and is specifically designed for fire equipment where traditional...



  • WDR




  • WPTR




  • WPU


  • WPU2


  • WUHC


  • WCO2CT


  • WSHH


  • WCO2CT-60




  • WTBG


  • WTBO




Showing 1 - 20 of 77 items