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FlameStop stocks a superior range of tested and approved Passive Fire protection products for the Australian fire industry. As an authorised distributor of BOSS Passive Fire products, FlameStop provides industry leading solutions for penetration seals, blank openings and preventative maintenance.

The BOSS Passive range is globally recognised as providing high performance solutions including the innovative and multi award winning BOSS FyreBox™ and patented MaxiCollars™ to improve fire resistance levels and provide easy installation. Additionally, a range of fire pillows are available for permanent or temporary prevention against the spread of smoke and fire. To compliment the Boss range of batts, collars, cable transits, pillows, wraps and penetration seals, FlameStop also supply a range of sealants, mastics and mortars to provide total protection.


  • FyreBox™ - Multi Service Fire-Rated Cable Transits

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    The simplest and most effective fire stopping method available.

    BOSS FyreBox™ prevents the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another where electrical, data and comms cables penetrate through separating walls and floors.

    The FyreBox™ consists of a square or round steel sleeve containing heat reactive intumescent polymer. Cables and pipes are placed inside the cable transit and set into place in the wall or ceiling. In a fire situation, the intumescence reacts to the heat and rapidly expands, sealing the cable sleeve and preventing the passage of fire and smoke.

    The FyreBox™ provides a quick and easy method of installing single or multiple cables, even in Drywall partitions. By banking various FyreBoxes together, up to 6 cables can be installed alongside each other, providing fire rated penetrations for multiple cables and sizes, and all with changeability for future additions or alterations.

  • Pipe Seals, Collars & Wraps

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    High performance designs for penetration seals.

    Pipe Seals, Collars and Wraps

    Designed to stop fire, smoke and hot gases passing through wall and floor penetrations and service holes where combustible pipes penetrate.

    Duct Wrap

    Up to 4 hrs encapsulated blanket for fire rating Air Conditioning and Exhaust Ducts

    Downlight Covers

    Fire Rated Downlight Covers offer simple and affordable 2 hours fire protection to FR ceilings that have been penetrated for downlights, intercom systems or other service holes up to 140mm diameter.

  • Sealants & Mastics

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    Sealants & Mastics

    Fire rated sealants and mastics for maximum protection.

    Silicones, sealants, expanding foam and mastic for fire sealing applications. Available in cartridge and foil sausage to suit desired application method. Perfect for use in construction, finishing or maintenance.

    FlameStop offers a range of versatile sealants to ensure there is a suitable product for all applications including building facades, expansion joints, door frames, block work walls, & linear gaps.

  • Pillows, Mortar & Compounds

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    Pillows, Mortar & Compounds

    For linear gaps & penetration seals

    FlameStop stocks a range of pillows, strips and compounds for either permanent or temporary installations. Featuring fire rated mortar, intumescent strips for linear gaps and rockwool and intumescent fire pillows.

  • Fire Door Seals & Vents

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  • Fire Rated Boards & Batts

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    Comprehensive solutions for fire and smoke seals in penetrations and appertures.

    Fire Rated Batts

    Suitable for walls and floors, fire rated bulkhead and party wall batts offer undoubtedly the most cost-effective and simplest solution to sealing wall and floor penetrations. With lightweight mineral fibre, they can be easily cut to size on site for simple friction fit applications.

    Ablative Coating

    Ablative Coating is a water based acrylic coating, having excellent fire and electrometric properties. Ablative Coating has been developed to seal BOSS Batts once installed in apertures. Once the Ablative Coating is applied it prevents the passage of fire and smoke between fire rated compartments, giving up to 4 hour fire resistance in blank openings and around metallic pipes, cables, cable trays, HVAC ducts and dampers.

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Showing 1 - 100 of 109 items