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All of our ‘Clean Agent’ Inert Gas Range contains gasses that already exist within the atmosphere that we breathe, which mainly includes Argon and Nitrogen. The extinguishing method of Inert Gas Suppression Systems is to reduce the normal atmospheric oxygen level of 20.9% down to a level where combustion can no longer be sustained, which for most common fires is below 15%.

The Kidde Inert Gas range does not emit any toxic decomposition products and does not contain any ozone depleting substances. It also has no global warming potential.

The Inert Gas range is approved as a ‘Total Flood’ system. This requires the enclosure to be adequately sealed to achieve and hold, at design concentration, the fire suppression agent for at least 10 minutes after the fire has been suppressed/ extinguished. This is to ensure no re-ignition before fire fighters are in attendance.


The Kidde Inert Gas Range of Fire Suppression Systems includes our globally recognised Argonite™ (IG55 – 50% Nitrogen/50% Argon); the other agents are:

All of the Kidde Inert Gas Range of Fire Suppression Systems are approved for use within normally occupied areas using concentrations up to the NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effects Level) 43% with NO restrictions, other than to provide a time delay device to allow personnel to evacuate prior to agent discharge

Typical Applications

  • Electrical hazards
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Museums and other high-value assets

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Kidde M400 Series Brochure

Kidde M400 Series Brochure

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