Kidde ECS with FM200 or Novec1230

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A Proven, Effective and Reliable Clean Agent Fire Suppression Option

ECS Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are the preferred fire suppression solution for facilities that cannot afford the downtime associated with a fire or typical water-based fire suppression systems. ECS Clean Agent systems extinguish a fire by removing the heat from a fire and chemically breakdown the fire. The suppression agents do not harm the equipment or personnel in the protected room or cause a mess to clean up afterwards.

An ECS system can be filled with either FM200™ or NOVEC1230™ with each having similar but distinct properties and advantages. NOVEC1230™ is a better choice for the environment. FM200™, with it’s higher vapour pressure, can atomise easier allowing more flexibility in piperuns and cylinder location. Clean Agents offer rapid fire extinguishment, suppressing fires within seconds of the agent being discharged into the protected area. The agents are usually ventilated out of the space and do not leave behind a residue to be cleaned up, allowing your

ECS with FM200™ or NOVEC1230™ Clean Agent

ECS Clean Agents are non-toxic when used for Class A and Higher Hazard Class A fires. They do not impair breathing or obscure vision in an emergency situation, providing an added


  • Reduces risk of downtime and helps maintain business continuity in the event of a fire
  • Clean, leave behind no residue
  • Safe for discharge into occupied spaces
  • Cost effective engineered system, providing maximum protection

Why Choose a Kiddie ECS Clean Agent System?


In seconds, not minutes, the ECS System discharges the suppression agent into the hazard area providing the fastest fire protection available. This results in less damage, fewer repair costs and reduced downtime when combined with an appropriate detection method.


Removed from the hazard area by ventilation, ECS Clean Agents allow a virtually immediate return to “business as usual” without the interruption of a costly clean-up and the expense of damage to assets from residue.


ECS Clean Agents are non-toxic, when used in compliance with AS ISO 14520. ECS Clean Agents do not impair breathing or obscure vision in an emergency situation, providing an added measure of safety for personnel.

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Gaseous Agent Suppression Comparison Table

Gaseous Agent Suppression Comparison Table

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