Kidde ADS with FM200 or Novec1230

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Engineered Systems to Provide Exceptional Performance

The Kidde ADS with FM200 Clean Agent Suppression System was developed by Kidde engineers to provide economical protection for larger enclosures requiring longer agent flow distances.

With the patented-technology of “piston flow”, the ADS with FM200 System is capable of delivering greater mass flow rates 2.5 to 3 times faster than a standard clean agent system. This innovation allows networking of longer pipe runs in complex configurations with smaller pipe sizes for protection of larger hazard areas.


  • Clean, leaves behind no residue.
  • Safe for discharge into occupied spaces.
  • Cost effective engineered system, providing maximum protection.
Kidde ADS with FM-200 Clean Agent

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Gaseous Agent Suppression Comparison Table

Gaseous Agent Suppression Comparison Table

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