Stat–X Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Published : 24/04/2019 08:37:20
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FlameStop is a proud stockist of Stat-X® Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems. This highly-advanced fire suppression technology offers a highly compact and economical fire extinguishing solution. Aerosols are an effective new alternative to traditional special hazard fire protection. Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression is used for many critical applications worldwide.

Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression should be considered when evaluating the use of halon substitutes, CO2, inert gas, dry chemical, or water mist. Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression is an approved halon replacement and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative.

  • Rugged stainless steel canister construction
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Durable non-pressurised canister containing a stable, solid compound
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-toxic (when designed and operated to listing requirements)
  • 10+ year service life
  • Easy to install or replace
  • Virtually maintenance free

In the event of a fire, Stat-X® Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems automatically release ultrafine particles and propellant inert gasses which quickly and effectively extinguish fires without depleting oxygen levels and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Marine panel

  • Workboats
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Tugs, Towboats & Ferries
  • Search & Rescue
  • Law Enforcement Vessels
  • Hi-speed Vessels & Hovercraft
  • Combat Craft & Special Ops
  • Offshore Rigs & Platforms
  • Pleasure Craft
  • Electrical Equipment and Cabinets
  • Switch and Control Rooms
  • Pumps and generators
  • Transformer/Inverter enclosures
  • Equipment machinery spaces

Light vehicle (LV) panel

  • Vehicle Engine Compartments
  • Bus Engine Compartments
  • Crane engine Compartments
  • Shovels, dragline excavators, mobile tools
  • Pumps and generators
  • Drilling jumbos
  • Forklifts
  • Small to medium mobile equipment machinery spaces

How a Stat-X Generator Works

  1. Signal energizes actuator.
  2. Agent compound reacts with oxidation block.
  3. Stat-X agent and inert gas pass through cooling block and out generator exit ports.
  4. Stat-X agent suspension fills hazard area, suppressing fire.
how to use

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