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Marine Vessel Panel (MV)


The latest in compact Marine detection & control panels specifically designed for commercial and recreational boats and other small to medium applications protected by Stat-X®aerosol suppression systems.

The latest in compact Marine detection & control panels specifically designed for commercial and recreational boats and other small to medium applications protected by Stat-X®aerosol suppression systems.



Technical Details

  • Electrical Field Connections : IP65 rated Deutsch DT series connectors.
  • Enclosure : IP65 rated metal enclosure.
  • Indications : ALARM – red LED Buzzer DISCHARGED – red LED FAULT – amber LED ISOLATED – amber LED POWER – FAULT amber LED POWER – ON green LED PREDISCHARGE – amber and red LEDs

Product Information

The MV panels have a comprehensive feature set and are configurable to allow the fire protection system to be tailored to meet individual customer or equipment requirements. Detection and actuation circuits are supervised. The panels incorporate an event log capable of storing up to 600 events, a manual release, audible and visual alarms in a single IP65 rated metal enclosure.

The new panels are especially suited to Stat-X® aerosol suppression systems; They are capable of discharging up to 3 Stat-X® aerosol generators (12V Power supply) or 8 Stat-X® aerosol generators (24V Power supply) connected in series. The panel also incorporates an auxiliary relay output which can be used power source or for the operation of auxiliary audible and visual alarms.

The marine vessel (MV) panel has been designed to meet the requirements of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) part C design and construction, section 4 fire safety. It has also been subjected to component testing as specified in Appendix D of Australian Standard AS 5062, Fire protection of mobile and transportable equipment.

Typical Marine and Offshore Applications

  • Workboats
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Tugs, Towboats & Ferries
  • Search & Rescue
  • Law Enforcement Vessels
  • Hi-speed Vessels & Hovercraft
  • Combat Craft & Special Ops
  • Offshore Rigs & Platforms
  • Pleasure Craft
  • Electrical Equipment and Cabinets
  • Switch and Control Rooms
  • Pumps and generators
  • Transformer/Inverter enclosures
  • Equipment machinery spaces

The Marine Vessel Panel

  • Supports automatic fire detection and alarm functionality
  • Display provides visual indications of system status, alarms, and faults
  • Incorporates a manual discharge switch (fire system discharge) to allow the manual operation of the fire suppression system

Automatic discharge of fire suppression systems is not permitted on commercial vessels and the MV panel has been designed to comply with this requirement. The MV panel does not support automatic discharge of the suppression system.
Owners of private vessels may wish to have a fully automatic fire detection and suppression system installed to provide protection to the vessel even when it is unmanned. This is permissible for private recreational vessels, and in such cases, a Light Vehicle panel could be used instead of a MV panel to provide this functionality.

Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference

Most industrial environments produce high levels of electrical noise so the MV panel has been compliance tested for immunity to electromagnetic interference against the requirements of Australian Standard AS 61000.6.2:2006, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – General standards – Immunity for industrial environments.

To minimize the effects of electromagnetic emissions from high energy sources the MV panel input cables should not be run parallel, or in close proximity to any cables or equipment that may produce high RF (radio frequency) energy. For example, cabling for RF transceiver antennas, inverters, motors etc.

Manual Controls

  • ACK/TEST – push button used to:
  • Test (panel idle) – operates all audible and visual indicators and auxiliary output.
  • Acknowledge – suppresses audible fault and alarm indications.
  • ARM push button with configurable delay timer periods of: 0 (default), 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 60 sec.
  • DIM – push button used:
  • In the normal state to adjust the brightness of the LED indicators.
  • In a FAULT state to provide access to the faultfinding diagnostic function (common system faults).
  • FAULT – fault finding function.
  • FIRE SYSTEM DISCHARGE – missilestyle switch.
  • FUNC. – push button used in combination with other panel buttons, allows users to perform additional functions.
  • ISOLATE switch located on panel printed circuit board (PCB).
  • Used to isolate the discharge output for testing purposes.
  • System reset – used to reset panel following fault or alarm indications.


  • 1 detection input suitable for use with Hochiki conventional smoke or thermal detectors, or LHD cable and thermal probes.
  • 1 discharge confirmation input (latching).
  • 2 external power inputs – nominal 12 V or 24 V (8 V DC to 30 V DC).


  • 1 auxiliary output, rated for 2 amps, – used to switch panel incoming power supply voltage (default configuration). The auxiliary output can be configured if desired to provide a continuous DC power supply of the same voltage as the supply voltage for the panel.
  • 1 predischarge alarm output rated for 2 amps – used to switch incoming voltage.
  • 1 discharge output, rated for 1 amp, switches incoming panel power supply voltage (supervised for open circuit and earth faults). Capable of activating:
  • Up to 3 StatX® aerosol generators, connected in series for 12 volt powered systems.
  • Up to 8 StatX® aerosol generators for 24 volt powered systems.

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