Fire Hydrant Pressure Gauges

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63mm Face Pressure Gauge 0-1600kPa 8mm BSP Bottom Entry, Liquid Filled


  • Up to 1600kPa
  • 63mm gauge face with 1/4 inch BSP thread
  • Up to 1600kPa
  • 63mm gauge face with 1/4 inch BSP thread



Technical Details

  • Box Quantity : 10
  • Dimensions : Diameter (head unit) 67mm Diameter (face) 63mm Depth 29mm
  • Gauge Type : Wet
  • Pressure : Up to 1600kPa
  • Single Units : Yes
  • Thread Size : 1/4 inch
  • Thread Type : BSP

Product Information

Liquid-filled wet gauges have many advantages over traditional, dry gauges.

Wet gauges are hermetically sealed, preventing damage by humidity and condensation. This also allows for greater visibility in areas subject to temperature fluctuations. The liquid also prevents corrosion, by providing lubrication to components. This allows for more precise readings, as the components aren’t affected by mechanical wear and tear.

The main reason for gauge failure is vibration. Traditional dry gauges are prone to vibration damage to links, pivots and pinions. A wet gauge filled with liquid dampens the effect of vibration – leading to extended service life and more accurate readings.

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